Power of the Portrait

There is a story behind every photograph. A beautiful portrait tells a compelling story. A self-portrait gives insights into the inner you; an empowering introspection that can change your perspective of yourself. Someone who’s never seen themselves as beautiful is able to see themselves through a different perspective.

Portraits convey powerful emotions. As a photographer, you learn that a portrait is a form of time travel. What I capture in the blink of an eye can bring a person joy for the rest of their life. Nostalgia is one of the most powerful emotions.

Maternity portraits: Celebrate a beautiful time when you are growing your family

The power of the photographer’s eye is demonstrated when someone who doesn’t see themself as beautiful can see themself in a new light. I’ve experienced when someone who wasn’t self confident at all book a glamour session, then cried tears of joy at the finished photograph. They see themselves as beautiful and radiant, like a model.

Baby photography: Photos to be cherished for a lifetime

We live in an age where convenience is too often prioritized over art. A cellphone ‘selfie’ captures a moment, but an experienced portrait photographer tells your story and connects us with each other. My photographer’s eye sees the beauty that an untrained eye can easily overlook; and the artistry I share through my photography is a powerful tool to tell your story.

Behind every photo there is a story. Let me tell your story.

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