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Boudoir is for every woman, not just models.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a professional photographic session either in a studio or in your home. Boudoir is the French word that means ladies private bedroom or dressing room. Boudoir photographs are taken in a sensual, romantic setting and the woman dresses in intimate lingerie.

The images taken in your boudoir session will make you feel empowered and attractive – the best version of yourself. Tasteful, artistic, erotic, sensual – your boudoir photoshoot can show a side of you that you didn’t know existed.

What To Wear For A Boudoir Photoshoot

To dress for a boudoir session, you want to choose lingerie that makes you feel romantic, sensual or sexual, sweet or playful. Wear what makes you feel good, in a color that makes you feel confident. I work with my clients to choose what matches perfectly for each unique individual.

Glamour and Glitz

A boudoir photoshoot doesn’t happen every day. Indulge yourself with a professional make-up artist and hair stylist. You may want a very glamorous, exotic look – or choose a natural beauty style. A professional photographer will use his artistry and camera to perfect your look, after you decide on the image and attitude you want to project.

For A Special Someone

Many women book a boudoir photo session for themselves – to boost their confidence and feel good about them self. Boudoir photography makes a meaningful, personal gift for your significant other to celebrate a special occasion:

wedding present

birthday gift

Valentine’s Day


Are you ready to book a boudoir shoot? Dangerwing Photography will create a custom, professional boudoir photoshoot that will showcase your inner woman.

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