Are professional photos of your newborn worth it?

Yes! Newborns are only newborns for such a short time. There is a small window where newborns curl up all cute and sleep so very deep. Before you know it, they are more aware of their environment and don’t snooze during photo sessions. Plus, they grow so fast and you don’t want to miss capturing the tiniest time!

Not to mention when babies are brand new, parents are still emotional and awe struck! I love capturing these emotions in newborn shoots.

Most importantly, investing in a professional photographer who has mastered their craft is worth it! Plus, professionals are aware of how to work with a newborn. The cost factors into the photographers experience, skill and high quality products. Your newborn is the most important thing in your life, you will be thrilled to have beautiful photos of this precious stage of their life.

Don’t they offer photography services at the hospital?

Yes, most hospitals offer newborn photography. This is an option. However, I recommend hiring a professional to do the photos when you are home from the hospital and here is why:

  1. The first couple days after birth, moms don’t feel that great. Giving mom an extra days to feel more like herself will make her feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Plus, mom will feel better getting ready in her own space.
  2. Its more personal. Doing the shoot in your home adds a personal element. It gives you the option to take photos in the nursery, with pets, or to invite other family members (like grandparents or aunts/uncles) to be in the photos.

What is the perfect age for newborn shoots?

Like I mentioned above there is a small window of time when babies snooze deeply and aren’t distracted by what is happening around them. Plus, did you know babies are born with nearly 300 bones and cartilage pieces (adults have 206)? However, within 10-14 days after birth, the bones and cartilage start to fuse together into calcified bones, which makes it more difficult for babies to return to that snuggly in-womb position.

Within the first 10-14 days, babies are more flexible and can be molded in to the most adorable positions. Therefore, between the deep snoozing and flexibility, the bet time to do a newborn shoot is within the first two weeks.

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